Monday, 7 August 2017

Intimacy is a good way to keep your fun going!

News has broken this week about how one-night stand is actually good for you as it has been proven to minimize tension and anxiety and offer one an increased sense of wellness. The problems arise when society gets included and thoughts of embarrassment and low self-confidence increase due to our behavior not conforming with exactly what general morals in society say is 'great' behavior however given that these morals have outgrown a sense of 'control' by leaders in the communities over a prolonged time period, who is to state that they are in fact best?

Whilst we do not anticipate individuals to start taking on all the beliefs of the roman or medieval times, it sought these duration that the major rules in society were developed and they were produced from a have to control the population and their behavior. Research studies have actually shown that the only effect on delighting in various casual encounters is on the brain and our own methods of viewing our behaviors instead of any physical effects therefore perhaps the answer is not to fret too much about what others may think of and worry a bit more about how you think of yourself. 

All individuals are worthy of to delight in some sensuous and erotic enjoyable and even if you might not be in a long term relationship does not indicate that you cannot go out and find it with someone who also enjoys the very same satisfactions. Maybe as a society we need to begin seeing casual encounters in a different way due to the fact that as long as everyone is having a good time then maybe our personal sense of worth and worth will be raised and society will benefit as a whole.

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